How It Works

perform an installation of the payment solution based on the merchant needs and requirements.

Our main Services

merchant accept Bitcoin

Installing payment solution with Bitcoin processing for merchant website or POS

Pistole@LN is using the proven BTCpay technology for payment processing. The web store or the point of sale is used to obtain the clients payment and the Lightning Network is used for the back-office processing.

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Lightning network node

Installing or hosting private Lightning node and wallet

Pistole@LN will host the Lightning Network node and will provide payment processing capabilities via the Lightning Network to the merchants for them to get Bitcoin payments directly from clients.

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MyWoom Technological Services inc.

Blockchain Consulting

Through our main company, MyWoom Technological solution, we can offer consulting services.

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Pistole pricing



What Determines the Price of Pistole?

Pistole daily basic price is calculated with the Bitcoin + Ethereum price

Pistole advantages


Buy ILE token with different solution

Frequently Ask Questions

Why I should use Pistole ?

More efficient than traditional credit card, less expensive per transaction (ask for rate) for Merchants and 0% for non profits organization, quick to put online and installed.

Which infrastructure use Pistole ?

Pistole uses Lightning network protocole and BTCPay server to allowing realtime transaction in cloud infrastructure.

How to use Pistole ?

A merchant must use the Pistole solution or the services of Pistole to acquire its Lightning Network node and its payment server.

How to invest into Pistole ?

By contacting us, we can assess stakeholder interest in our current solution and future developments.

Where are we from?

We are all from Montreal, Canada.

What are your opening hours?

New-York Eastern time, send us an email or contact us through LinkedIn.

Investing in Pistole token ?

When our token will be listed, we will display the trading platforms that will allow you to buy Pistole token.

Partnership is possible with Pistole?

We are always open to discuss business and partnerships.



Pistole added on Charities website

Pistole Dec 06, 2019

ARTMHIS.com accepts donation in Bitcoin Lightning Network
Artmhis.com - Make a donation in Bitcoin


HEC Montreal Blockchain event

HEC Montreal NOV 18, 2019

Blockchain Technology discussion with Lightning Network and Cryptocurrency

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Looking for a cryptocurrency related to a business ?

Pistole Jan 18, 2020

Looking to introduce a loyalty plan to your customers by exchanging digital points? Cryptocurrency is the solution. We have 4 crypto-currencies generated and verified for you. We can also assist you in all stages of management of your cryptocurrency. If you want to have your own cryptocurrency, contact us or buy one of the 4 (BED, BOOK, DON and SAIL).

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